What NOT to do when Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Sink!

When it comes to cleaning sometimes people mean well, but because they are unaware of what they are doing, they end up doing harm to something they own. A great example that many of our professional house cleaning workers have seen before is the use of steel wool to clean a stainless steel sink. Even if you are a fan of steel wool, after reading on, you may want to find an alternative for cleaning your stainless steel sink.

The problem with using steel wool in your stainless steel sink, and the reason you will never see a professional cleaning service using it, is that the steel wool can easily break down. This means that small pieces of steel are imbedded into your sink. Unlike the stainless steel sink, because this steel is an inferior grade, it can start to rust very quickly! This may lead you to believe that your sink has gotten rusty, when it is in fact these tiny bits of rust that have transferred from your steel wool.

How WOULD you clean a stainless sink?

Of course, it is easy to tell people what not to use, but what should you use instead? Take a page out of the book of any good cleaning service and make the switch to natural scrubbers. Were you aware that you could trust your cleaning needs to a loofah? This non-toxic, natural, and excellent scrubber will not damage your sink at all and still provide a solid clean.

Another excellent way to get your stainless steel sink to sparkle is by using Barkeeper’s Friend cleanser powder or liquid. While it may have one of the less appealing sounding names in history, it really is an excellent all-purpose cleaner. If you are unable to find it in your local convenience store, you can always order it from Amazon at a good price.

Of course, you can just avoid the entire hassle of cleaning your sink by giving us a call and having us do it for you!

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  • Georges

    Thank you for this post! I just got a new stainless sink installed and started searching how to clean it and came across your article, very informative!

  • Caryl Anne

    Great article! I have a few stainless steel sinks throughout my home, and these tips will come in handy for me later on! Thanks for sharing!

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